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Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
  • Overview

    The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) UK qualification is offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Upon completion of the exams and required practical work experience the CAT graduate will be able to apply to use the letters CAT after his or her name. In addition, they will have the opportunity to join the CAT alumni.

    Although CAT can be obtained as a stand-alone qualification, it is often the case that individuals study for CAT as an introductionary qualification in accountancy prior to training to become a Chartered Certified Accountant through the ACCA Professional Scheme. It usually takes one and a half years to complete the nine CAT exams. However, there is no restriction on the number of papers that can be attempted in each sitting.

  • Syllabus Outline

    Students who wants to attend Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification, they have to do the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) program fist and then need to do any 2 (Two) subjects from following list.

    Foundations in Taxation (FTX)
    To develop the core knowledge of the underlying principles and the major technical areas of taxation, as they affect the activities of individuals and businesses, at a level appropriate for someone working at technician level. Having covered the core areas of the basic taxes, candidates should be able to compute tax liabilities, explain the basis of their calculations, complete the tax returns and identify the compliance issues for each major tax through a variety of business and personal scenarios and situations.

    Foundations in Financial Management (FFM)
    To examine all aspects of cash and working capital management, and to develop an understanding of the sources of short and long-term finance. To develop the knowledge and understanding of the way organisations finance their operations and plan, allocate and control resources to optimise returns.

    Foundations in Audit (FAU)
    To develop knowledge and understanding of external audit and the techniques used in the conduct of external audits. Additionally to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of internal control systems.

  • Entry Requirements

    With an emphasis on flexibility and opportunity, the FIA/CAT qualification is accessible to anyone aged 16 years or older. There are no time constraints to complete your examinations, so a student can study and qualify at a pace which suits you. Candidate's previous examinations may also entitle him/her to exemptions from certain examinations. This will ensure point of entry is the most suitable for level of knowledge and skills and will prevent repeating areas with which they are familiar.

    HSC / 'A' or SSC / 'O' Level Pass with 16 years age and that means a candidate of 16 years of age with HSC holders can join the course.

  • Key Dates
    The table below outlines the timetable leading up to the introduction of Foundations in Accountancy.
    January First registrations on Foundations in Accountancy
    Sample exams available
    February Conversion notices sent to existing CAT students
    June Last paper-based exams on current CAT Qualification
    August Current CAT students converted to Foundations in Accountancy
    December First paper-based and computer-based exams for Foundations in Accountancy
  • Tuition Fees

    Please refer to Tuition fees to know details about tution fees.

Programme Details
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  • Duration

    1 year

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