Chairman's Message

Chairman - Sabur Khan

Today, education is undergoing great changes, merging with the information superhighway. Innovations in technology and communications have enabled the educational sector to expand its realm in providing education to a wider range of students in extensive areas.
Internationalization of education has many dimensions: they include the materials which are studied; the courses which are offered; the examination governing body, the certificates, the students who are taught; the staff that teach them and undertake research; the places where teaching takes place; the environment and context within which teaching and research are undertaken. Above all, it is a state of mind. As we are in the 21st Century, there is a demand for developing education institute to serve national needs. On the other hand, global pressures exist partly based on rapidly developing technologies to operate at an international level. DIIT is continuously strengthening the standard of education and the techniques of teaching materials, so that the students can serve the nation, or even if a student wants to go abroad for their further studies or job, the course provides them the strength to do so.

Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) provides internationally recognized Hon’s and Diploma courses, which are designed keeping the future changes in mind and to prepare the student with the skills they need in a competitive business environment. They provide the suppleness to the students not only to keep track with the changes in the fast growing job sector, but also to emerge as successor in their chosen profession. Since its establishment, DIIT is striving to develop and maintain an international quality of focus. Only DIIT could proudly say that more than 1400 students have successfully transferred their credits to several foreign universities of the world and 95% of DIIT students are employed after completing their Hon’s.Daffodil Institute of IT is dedicated to utilize the latest technologies in its efforts to bring the best possible education to its students. We provide them with the services and opportunities necessary to enable them to complete their respective education programs successfully.
At Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) we believe in genuine education, which starts with our internationally recognized courses, experiences of a decade and our highly skilled teachers and efficient management team. You will find that our teachers and management welcome your questions and care about your future. They take a keen interest in your educational development.
We believe Daffodil Institute of IT provides all the elements you need for a genuine education now and genuine success in the future. Furthermore, the aim is to generate, promote, utilize and transmit knowledge. We believe, knowledge is international in its essence. It knows no borders, no boundaries. It is timeless and is the universal language of all who would seek wisdom.
I wish every success of all students in their educational and professional pursuits.