Clubs and Society

At DIIT learning is not confined only to the lectures. Students are encouraged to take participate in various activities to develop their co-curricula activities.
The clubs & societies at DIIT are the center of all social activities on campus. Our mission is to provide something for everyone. We offer a wide range of services but you can use us how you wish. Sometimes as for activities or a sport, and when you need us, we are here to act as an advocate and a representative for you. The clubs executives are all students or graduates of the University so we generally know how to help you navigate through any situation. The clubs organizes different events and campaigns and also brings student together, getting them involved in exciting new activities.
Besides supporting a wide range of clubs and students are permitted to set up their own club. The following student unions are working at present at DIIT:

  • DIIT Alumni Association
  • Spondon, a DIIT Cultural Boon
  • DIIT Computer Club
  • DIIT Film & Media Club
  • DIIT Business Club
  • DIIT Sports Club