Executive Director's Message

Executive Director - Mohammad Nuruzzaman

The greatest challenge of education nowadays is the need to prepare the student to face a world, which is dramatically advances in IT technology, telecommunications and the rapid penetration of information communication technology have ushered in the knowledge-based society, and the world is no longer the same for educators.
Choosing an institute and deciding to study for a particular certificate, diploma or degree program is an extremely important decision. You should choose such an appropriate program that is right for you and that is offered in a university level environment in which you are made to feel welcome and completely comfortable.
Here, I am delighted that you are considering studying at DIIT - an Institute recognized internationally for its excellence - from where no graduate has become unemployed yet. I believe that your time at the institute will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life - a unique opportunity for in-depth study into subjects that interest you and a chance to acquire knowledge and skills that are valued by employers.
This web provides the necessary information on DIIT, its provided programs and its magnificent campuses, as well as the details of the admission requirements. We hope that the information here would help you to make an informed choice.
Our programs have been carefully designed to ensure that each DIIT student is well prepared for the working environment of the 21st century. As a DIIT graduate, you will have much-needed transferable skills such as computer and information literacy, communication skills along with business & accounting acumen. We are also one of Bangladesh's leading research institutes. This means that you will have the privilege of working with outstanding teachers and discovering new knowledge with excitement. The teachers, management are well aware of the fact that everyone wants to improve their understanding and skills to improve their ability to survive in an increasingly competitive world, and that’s why they always offer a helping hand whenever any student needed. I ensure you to get the best education and confidence from our available courses and I am confident that you will find a right way to a bright future.The efforts of DIIT is appreciated by the NCC Educations UK, and has already achieved the “Best Partner Award” of NCC Education among 350 NCC affiliated centers in 45 countries worldwide for its quality maintenance & the result of its students. In the year 2005 DIIT achieved the Academic Excellence Award for its student’s outstanding performance in the Global Exams.
Although your presence would be here to study but you'll also have fun. We have excellent auditorium, state-of-art computer lab, a computer and cultural club, student’s alumni association and so many events organized by our students as well as the faculties. And don't forget that at DIIT, you're part of a community. When you're studying at any of our campuses, you will have the access into a full range of support and guidance services. Find out more about what we are offering by taking time to explore our Web site.
Best of luck!