Faculty Development

DIIT also believes in enhancing the quality of its staffs. Different types of trainings and seminars are facilitated for the faculty and staff development. Few of the recent seminars and training sessions are:

  • “Introduction to Human Resource Management and Time Management” by A. Van Der Steld at Daffodil International University, Bangladesh;
  • “Teaching Skills Development” by Dr. Yousuf M. Islam at DIIT;
  • “Class Management” by Collin Stoover at British Council;
  • “Introduction to Business Analysis: Defining Successful Projects” by Mr. Sayeed Rahman at Daffodil International University;
  • “Bridge System Engineering Training (Offshore Project Management Training)” by CICC, Japan; and many more are held on regular basis. These seminars and trainings help the faculties to develop their skills and manage their classes properly.

DIIT faculty members alike conduct seminars and training on their own such as:

  • “Data Warehousing” by Mr. Mahmudur Rahman Manna at British Council;
  • “Information Security in 21st Century” by Dr. Paul Sant at DIIT Auditorium;
  • “Building Website easily” by Mustafizur Rahman at British Council;
  • “Prospects & Challenges of E-Business” by Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain at British Council Auditorium;
  • “Prospects & Challenges of E-Business” by Khaled Sohel at British Council Auditorium;
  • “Be the Doctor of Your Own PC” by Mr. Mustafizur Rahman at British Council
  • “Getting started in Programming: What exactly it is and Why We Should Do it” by Mr. Shamsuddin Ahammad at the British Council etc.