Attention:  IFY, L4DC & L5DC Examinee of March 2015

The Students who are going to sit for the IFY, L4DC& L5DC exams on
March 2015 session are advised to clear their tuition fees up to Nov. 2014, for final Registration.

Registration Date:

L4DC (IDCS)                           : 22 Nov. (Sat) at 2:30 PM (70Batch)
L5DC (IADCS)                        : 23 Nov. (Sun) at 2:30 PM (61Batch)
IFY                                          : 24 Nov (Mon) at 2:30 PM (37Batch)

Every student must submit the Certificate/mark sheet of his/her previous academic qualification for registration.

No students will be registered under any circumstances after missing the above-mentioned dates.

Resit Exam on March 2015

Students, who will appear Resit Exams for, L4DC, L5DC &,  IFY on March 2015 are advised to submit their application in the Registration Dept. before 30th  Nov. 2014.