Quality & Standard

DIIT has already proved its quality in the previous twelve years. DIIT has achieved 'Elite Partner', 'Best Partner Award', 'Academic Excellence Award' twice from NCC for its quality, students' results.
Student Support Services:
DIIT has many provisions for student support. If any student faces problems regarding admission guideline, fees, resources access, then they can contact their respective class teacher. The class teacher will provide them with proper guide lines to solve their problems. DIIT have staff committees like Management Committee and Academic Committee to help students solve their problems. Management Committee, chaired by Executive Director – Mohammad Nuruzzaman, provides information regarding their complaints, fees, admission guideline, etc. Academic Committee, also chaired by Executive Director – Mohammad Nuruzzaman, deals with academic problems of the students, progression, academic performance, etc. DIIT have all the necessary resources that are needed to run an institution. The students are allowed to enter the classrooms during their class time (from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Students have access to the library and computer labs after their class hours for study support. DIIT has a well-organized library and several computer labs. There are two dedicated labs for the students to do their online study. There are three more computer labs for the students' use whenever the labs are free from scheduled classes. The Student & PC ratio is 5:1. DIIT also encourages its students to do group studies and for that they can use the library as well as the study areas.
Student Activities: DIIT also encourages its students to participate in different extra curricular activities. There are numbers of clubs for the students like – SPONDON (A Cultural Club), Film and Media Club, Programming Club, Business Club, Sports Club etc. Students are allowed to organize Cultural Programs, Programming Contest, Movie Shows, etc. as part of their club activities. DIIT also organizes Study Tours, Sports Week and Cultural Programs for the development of the students.
DIIT believes in quality education. To ensure the quality of the students DIIT takes examination on regular intervals. Students have to participate in class quizzes, presentations, class discussions, mid-term examinations and selection tests. Students are bound to attend at least 80% of total classes of each subject. If any one fails to meet this requirement is declared non eligible to sit for the selection tests. Records of all the examinations are kept by the Exam Controller. All assessments are done according to NCC Guideline.
Student Counseling:
DIIT has an effective counseling department which has the task to provide proper guideline to potential students, give counseling to students as required and arrange meetings of student committees to gather information regarding their activities. They also have the task to ensure that potential students get the appropriate information regarding the programs run by the institute and they do not receive any misleading information about the programs. They also ensure that potential students have the capability and confidence to learn using online resources and acquire the proficiency in English to complete the program.

Student Feedback:
DIIT takes student feedback always to ensure the students are getting quality service in terms of teaching and other services. We provide questionnaire to all students after a certain period and take initiatives according to the feedback given by the students.
Learning Materials:
DIIT has a standard policy to ensure that all students have all the updates regarding the modules, learning methods, assessment methods, etc. Updated learning method CDs are provided to students. Students can get all information from the notice board and class notices. If any student has problems in understanding the updated modules or learning methods s/he can consult his/her respective class teacher. They also use online groups and forums to maintain communication between themselves and contact with each other regarding any changes. DIIT also ensures that its students get all necessary information from NCC website by providing them with NCC student passwords. This ensures that they can get all the updates through the website. All materials from NCC are provided only to students during the admission period. In this way DIIT ensures that all the correspondences are secured and reliable. The assessments conducted through NCC Education and other student works are sent to NCC through British Council to ensure there are no interceptions or other interference.
Policy for Recruiting Faculty:
To provide quality education an institute has to have quality faculties. As such, DIIT follows a number of steps to recruit and select its faculties. At first, initial screening is done according to the academic background and areas of expertise of the candidates. Then to find out whether s/he is capable of taking a class, s/he has to take a demo class which will be evaluated by the existing faculties. If his/her performance in the demo class is satisfactory then s/he will be eligible for final interview/selection. Having quality faculties is not the only way to ensure quality education. To ensure good quality education DIIT maintains a strong staff development policy. Usually DIIT provides training sessions and seminars to develop the skills of its faculties. DIIT also encourages its faculties to pursue higher degrees to ensure that they are up to date in their respective fields.
Online Administrator
DIIT has a qualified person who is responsible for the operation of the Center's IT Resources, giving access to students and staff, checking and monitoring the Internet connection, installing/updating hardware and software.