Short Programs

DIIT Certified Short Courses
  • 1.Android Application Development

    Introduction to Android; Introduction to Android Applications; Activities; XML Based Layout; Working with Resources; User Interfaces; Files & Preferences; File Management Tools; Managing and Accessing Local Database; Content Provider; Intents; Services; Location Based Services; Audio, Video & Using Camera; Bluetooth, Networks, And Wi-Fi; Telephony & SMS; Sensors;

  • 2. Basic Application Course (BAC)

    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Access, Internet and Email.

  • 3. Professional Graphics Design

    Fundamentals of Graphics Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 10, Corel Draw 10.

  • 4. Professional Web Designing

    Introduction to the internet and the World Wide Web, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash Animation with Swish, Adobe Photoshop, Dream weaver MX, Introduction to Web Server.

  • 5. Professional Web Development

    Introduction to the internet and the World Wide Web, HTML, JavaScript, Dream weaver MX, Apache Web Server XML, AJAX, PHP, My SQL.

  • 6. NCC (UK) A+ Certification

    System Components, Ports, Connection & their characteristics analysis; Assembling & Upgrading; Installing & Configuring deferent OS (2000, XP, VISTA), Software & Hardware Troubleshooting, Preventive Maintenance, Using Different third party utilizes, Virus & Protection, Windows Administration.

  • 7. Network+ Certification

    Networking Basic, Network Hardware, Network Connections, Networking Software, Network Topologies, Planning and Installing the Network, Different server configure (DNS, DHCP etc), Real life project.

  • 8. CISCO - CCNA

    The OSI Reference Model, Ethernet Technologies, TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing, IP Sub netting and Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM), Configuring a Router in CLI mode, Managing Cisco IOS Software, Configuring IP route in Network by Static and Dynamic routing, Configure Dynamic routing with RIP, IGRP.EIGRP and OSPF,  WAN Technologies.

  • 9. Linux with ISP setup

    Introduction to LINUX, Installation Process of Linux Operating System, System Administration, Boot Sequence, TCP/IP Networking, System security (host. allow and hosts. deny), Server Configuration, Telnet, SSH, NFS, SAMBA, Web Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server, FireWall.

  • 10. Object Oriented Technique using Java

    Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts, Classes and Objects, Introduction to Java Programming, Creating Java class, Arithmetic, Comparison and Logical operators, Loops (for, while, do..while), Array, Control Flow (if, if...else, if...elseif), Java Database Connectivity , (JDBC).